Born in New York City and raised in Chicago, Joey Ciccone began performing at an early age. Joey has been blessed with a vibrant baritone voice and an incredibly wide vocal range. Joey has established himself as an ambitious and polished performer, devoted to his love of entertaining, with his original and classy blend of contemporary styles and light jazz, with a touch of nostalgia. Discovered after a brief introduction in Chicago in 1982 after a chance encounter with legendary trumpeter, Miles Davis. Davis was so impressed with this young and talented singer, he signed Joey to his personal record company Expansion Records and Vitasia 22 Productions. Joey Ciccone is indeed the consummate triple-threat professional, who has proven that he is an intensely dedicated and talented individual with a young man's attitude, coupled to a veteran's precision. Most importantly, though, is Joey's mastery of the basics. His love of entertaining his audience and the development of his talent make him the Legend that we have come to know, love and appreciate.



Discovered by Miles Davis

30 Acting Parts

Heat, Casino, Rocky VI...


RUMI Humanitarian Award


  • Album
  • 2015

Live at the Green Cat Lounge
New York City

$ 9.99 USD

  • Album
  • 2015

The Lost Recordings Retro,
Vintage Two

$ 7.92 USD

  • Album
  • 2015

The Lost Recordings Retro,
Vintage One

$ 8.91 USD


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